Will doors rust?

All of Steela’s bespoke steel window and door systems are galvanised. We ensure all our products are hand treated with industrial grade primers and marine grade paintin order to achieve a corrosion resistant surface.  

Specifically, for our cold formed pre-galvanised steel profile (this includes our Slimline Tubular Steel and Thermally Broken Swiss range we:
  1. Use a magnesium pre-coating for corrosion protection
  2. We grit blast the steel to ensure maximum surface cleansing 
  3. We then use a high grade sealing base coat primer to prepare the surface for your desired finish
  4. Finally we apply a marine grade flurocarbon paint to achieve a seamless, corrosion resistant and deep satin feel.

For our hot rolled Swiss Steel Profile (our W37 and W40 range) we: 

  1. Start with a heavy grit blasting technique on the raw steel surface to remove impurities
  2. We then hot dip galvanise the steel to ensure a fully sealed corrosion resistant surface
  3. high grade sealing base coat primer is then used to prepare the surface for your desired finish
  4. Finally we apply a marine grade flurocarbon paint to achieve a seamless, corrosion resistant and deep satin feel

Why choose steel doors and windows over aluminium or timber?

Our products are handmade and designed especially for your project. The bespoke nature of our products and the strength and weight of the steel creates an impact that aluminium and timber simply can’t. The profile is considerably slimmer than aluminium and timber frames, which means you enjoy less frame and more glass, bringing more light into your space. In the case of bifold doors and windows, the slimmer profile also ensures a slimmer “stack” of doors and windows. Steel windows and doors are inherently more durable than any other material used in construction when properly maintained, making them a long-term investment. This is evidenced by original steel windows remaining in many historic buildings built in the last half of the 19th Century.

Where are your products produced?

Our company is based in Paddington, Sydney and we ship Australia wide. Our products are produced by a team of highly skilled specialists at manufacturing facilities in China that have over 15 years’ experience.

Are steel products sustainable?

Steel products are considered one of the most sustainable building materials in the world. Once steel products cease to be needed in their original form, they can be melted down, recycled and reused to create another product without compromising its original strength. As a result, this cycle can take place an infinite number of times with little to no change to the inherent properties of the metal.

Are your products suitable for external use?

Yes, our doors are suitable for internal and external use.. But you must ensure the products are appropriate for your needs prior to purchase given we do not know how your product will be used or where they will be installed. For example, if you purchase external doors, they may need a threshold. However, if they are external doors that are covered by an alfresco roof, they may not necessarily always require a threshold. Make sure the product is approved by a licensed builder prior to purchase.

How much do your products weigh?

Approximately 35-40 kg per square meter for single glazed and 50-60 kg per square meter for double glazed.

Do your products have maximum sizes?


Maximum width Maximum heights
Single doors including pivot doors 1800mm 3000mm
Double doors 2800mm 3000mm
Bifold and Sliding doors 10000mm 3000mm
Awning windows 1500mm 1500mm
Double Casement windows 1500mm 3000mm
Single doors including pivot doors 1800mm 3000mm

Note: Depending on the product, we can make larger sized products. For larger sized products please contact us at sales@steela.com.au

Do you have a showroom where I can view your products in person?

Yes, our showroom is located at 96 Oxford Street, Paddington NSW 2021. Viewings are by appointment only. Please contact sales@steela.com.au to make an appointment.

What type of steel are Steela products made from?

All our products are made from quality carbon steel. We offer a multitude of glazing styles to suit your design needs. We offer the following types of steel profiles:

  • W37 Swiss Solid Steel (hot rolled carbon steel galvanized)
  • W40 Swiss Solid Steel (hot rolled carbon steel galvanized)
  • Slimline Tubular Steel (cold rolled galvanized carbon steel)
  • MTS50 Thermally broken (cold rolled galvanized carbon steel + Fiber glass thermal isolator)

How are steel doors made?

Our doors are individually handcrafted by our team of highly experienced metalworkers using quality galvanized carbon steel. Once the products are crafted, they are fully assembled and reviewed by our quality control and engineering team on the adjusting stand to ensure that they meet our high standards prior to being disassembled for shipping.

Tell me about your products?

Our products are hand-made by a team of highly skilled specialists using quality galvanised carbon steel. Our products come with a decorative steel strip on the inside surface of the door to conceal the glazing to the steel. The glass used in our products is certified in accordance with AS/NZS 4666:2012 and AS/NZS 2208:1996.

How do I install Steela product?

You can install Steela products using our in-house installation service, or with your own licensed builder. As each installation will have different requirements and quality, and safety is paramount, you must use a licensed builder to install your product. Your door will come with all the necessary hardware to install your product.

Your builder will ensure proper installation of the jamb and hanging of the door. As steel doors are quite heavy, multiple people will be needed for installation.

Ask us about our in-house installation service here

Who can install Steela products?

Steela products must be installed by a licensed builder. Installation by an un-qualified individual could result in damage to the product, damage to your property and leaks or wind entering from outside. Steela is not liable for loss or damage arising out of the installation services. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information.

Do your offer installation services?

We do! We are here for you every step of the way, and this includes during the installation process. Find out more about our installation service by reaching out to us here.

What is your standard door jamb size?

Our jamb size is starts from 32mm and goes up to 200mm depending on the product and the steel profile chosen, however we can also make custom jamb sizes on request.

What hardware do you use?

We use our own Hardware by Steela range. There are also available to buy independent of our Steela doors and windows.

Order Process?

  1. Pay the invoice issued by Steela. For single and double doors up to the value of $10,000 (inc. GST), payment in full is required. For all other products, a deposit of 50% is payable;
  2. We will email you shop drawings within approximately 7 days from payment of the invoice depending on the size and complexity of your order. Larger or more complex orders may take longer. Once you approve the shop drawings, we will get started on the production of your products;
  3. Your product will be available for delivery from our warehouse within 12 – 16 weeks after you approve the shop drawings;
  4. Pay the final invoice for your products (if there is one) prior to shipment from our warehouse;
  5. Receive delivery of the products.

How long does it take to receive shop drawings?

We try to respond as soon as possible, but usually for basic designs we will provide drawings within 7 business days. For larger and more complex orders, it may take longer.

What are shop drawings?

‘Shop drawings’ are technical drawings prepared by our engineers that set out the exact dimensions and specifications of the product and how it will operate. They are used by building professionals to ensure the end product is suitable for the project. We will product the products in accordance with the drawings, so it’s essential that a licensed builder approves the shop drawings.

Can I submit bespoke drawings for production by Steela?

You can! Get in touch with us with your design here or email us at sales@steela.com.au.

How can I obtain a custom qoute?

Complete the form on the “bespoke products” page of our website, or email us your designs at sales@steela.com.au.

Can steel doors be painted?

Yes, and our Steela products are always painted with Japanese marine grade paint before they’re shipped unless requested otherwise. After applying a zinc rich primer and an epoxy micaceous iron primer, we apply a fluorocarbon finish in the colour of your choice and a sealant. Fluorocarbon paint is commonly used in the marine industry on ships, marine plants and docks. This paint provides more protection against rust, weather and fading than regular powder coating. Our standard product ranges come in Matt Black and Pure White, however you can order products in any of the 216 colours listed in the Classic RAL Colour Chart.

What colour can you supply our products in?

Our standard product ranges in Matt Black or Pure White, however you can order products in any colour listed in the Classic RAL Colour Chart.

What types of glazing do you offer?

We supply single glazed (5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm), double glazed (6mm/9mm/12mm/16mm/19mm), laminated glass (1.28mm/2.56mm) and low-e. Double glazing options can reduce noise from outside and keep your house cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

In addition to clear glass, we offer fluted (also known as reeded), frosted, rain, aquatex, grey reflective, grey tinted, blue reflective and more.

We use toughened safety glass which is certified in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4666:2012 and AS/NZS 2208:1996.

Do Steela doors come with or without glazing?

Steela products can come glazed, with glass provided separately for glazing onsite or without any glass. If you purchase your product glazed, the product will come with the glass installed. If you elect to have the glass supplied separately (uninstalled), we will supply you with the glass, but you will need to arrange and pay to have the product glazed. All our products can be installed glazed, and this will avoid the need to pay for a glazier, however some builders prefer to install steel products without glass, so please consult with your installer prior to purchase.

How long will it take to receive my order?

Given the time it takes to handcraft these products by our experienced team of metalworkers and ship them to you, please allow 14–18 weeks to receive your item after you approve your shop drawings. We take pride in our products and want to ensure the product meets our high standards when you receive it.

Can I request expedited orders?

We will try our very best to get your products to you as fast as possible, but we unfortunately cannot guarantee expedited delivery. We may in the future stock our more sought-after products in Sydney for fast delivery.

Can I request expedited orders?

Please contact us at sales@steela.com.au for a quote on delivery fees from our Sydney warehouse to your site.

Where do you ship to?

We ship Australia and New Zealand wide

Do your products have a warranty?

All our products are inspected in a rigorous quality control process prior to leaving our warehouse. Steela provides the purchaser with a 2-year limited warranty against defects caused by us, commencing from the time you order the products. This warranty is in additional to the consumer guarantees provided to you under the Australian Consumer Law. For more information about our limited warranty, please see the Terms and Conditions.

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